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Energy and Natural ResourcesEnergy Frack Tower Soft



In order to control our destiny we must mindfully control our energy and natural resources.



Energy and natural resource development is a critical component of our global economy.

Over the next 20 years, more than $11 trillion of investments are estimated to be required in the global electricity sector, with about half of that needed for power generation. Traditional fossil-fueled generation will continue to play a significant role in power generation, expected to make up 45% of world power generation in the same timeframe. In addition, growth in clean and renewable energy is expected to remain strong. Clean and renewable energy is rapidly moving into the mainstream alongside traditional sources of power, driven not only by concerns regarding energy security and the environment but also by the comparative stability and improving competitiveness of lifecycle costs for renewable generation sources. Therefore, beyond the broad investment opportunities in the traditional power sector, Windcrofte also sees an increasingly significant set of clean and renewables investment opportunities, plus a related set of energy efficiency plays such as the harvesting of energy from the recycling of wasted heat in existing industrial facilities.

Windcrofte focuses on opportunities in:

  • Oil and natural gas development
  • Traditional power generation,
  • Renewables,
  • Waste-to-energy,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Combined heat and power,
  • District heating and cooling,
  • Transmission and distribution,
  • Other power-related  and innovative technology investment opportunities.

With industry experience and investment partners around the globe, Windcrofte's  investment teams have extensive experience spanning market cycles and company evolution stages throughout the regulated and deregulated power sectors.

Identifying and incentivizing top-tier management teams that have proven execution capability, deep sector know-how and sound business plans is the driving force behind the Windcrofte's  investment approach. The team's own industry knowledge and experience uniquely qualifies it to originate and assess investment opportunities and facilitate management teams in expanding the value of their businesses.