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Industry Focus




To invest successfully, you need to have in-depth industry knowledge and a transaction history with superior returns.




Our sector knowledge gives us a wide perspective, while our ‘partner only’ approach delivers insight when and where it’s needed:

Windcrofte invests in companies at different stages of growth and we understand emerging markets as well as mature markets;

Windcrofte operates across business sectors and has developed multi-faceted relationships with some of the world’s leading international companies and financial institutions;

The partners of Windcrofte Capital have years of experience and have completed over 7 billion dollars of tranactions.

When you understand where a market has been and, more importantly, where it is heading, you know where to invest.

Windcrofte Capital differs from mainstream private equity or venture capital firms in that we have no specific investment “formula” or investment limitations. This flexibility allows us to structure transactions to meet the specific needs of company owners, management, boards of directors, and other constituencies with a stake in a business.

Our current holdings are in the following industry sectors:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Casinos and Gaming
  • Life Settlements

We are “know-it-when-we-see-it” investors. Our vast experience in equity and debt funding allows us to readily determine if we are the right fit for any specific investment opportunity.